Research Project Awarded

Research Project Awarded

SEER Group has been awarded a project titled “Study of the flash pyrolysis kinetics of Barapukuria coal using distributed activation energy model” by the Committee for Advanced Studies and Research (CASR) of BUET. Dr. Kabir will be the Primary Investigator of the project

Background of the project:

Coal pyrolysis is the first step in all thermal coal utilisation processes. Pyrolysis behaviour of coal varies to a great extent from one to another depending on the rank, type and grade of coal. Both the organic and inorganic constituents of coal have impact on the pyrolysis process. In addition to that the processing conditions also influence both the kinetics and products of pyrolysis. Study on the flash/rapid pyrolysis kinetics of Barapukuria coal has never been studied before. Hence, this research focuses on the flash pyrolysis kinetics of Barapukuria coal.

Objectives of the project:

  • To perform thermogravimetric studies to calculate pyrolysis kinetics of Barapukuria coal at rapid heating rate.
  • To construct and commission a TGA using locally available materials at a lower cost than the price of an off-the-shelf TGA.


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